How does Timyo transform Distraction into Clarity?

"While working, I constantly feel the urge to check and recheck my inbox to make sure I haven't received something more important."
Due to our work culture of “ASAP” and “always on” expectations, our inboxes are full of emails marked as “urgent”...and though a lot of them aren't, some of them really are. And there's no way to easily tell the two apart.
Timyo empowers senders to provide clear expectations for recipients, so they know at a glance how and when an email needs to be responded to. Do they need to read it by the end of the day? Respond by next Wednesday? Timyo lets senders clearly tell the people they are emailing: “This is what I need and when I need it.”
  Receive email already prioritized by time due

"When I open my inbox, I don't know what I should be working on now; which emails I should get to first; or whether I need to read only, respond to, or act upon each email. Instead, my attention gets stuck on the most recent emails. "
As a recipient, Timyo lets you know exactly what is expected of you and when it is expected.
Even before opening your emails, you know at a glance that this one needs a reply, these two just need to be read, and this one requires an action. This allows you to stay focused on what matters today and plan time into your agenda to deal with any specific email today, tomorrow, or later.
  Oversee your email through Calendar View

"I get distracted by the same emails over and over."
Whenever you open our inbox, it's easy to get distracted by earlier emails that you've either already dealt with or decided to get back to later. This makes it harder to focus on the reason that you opened your inbox in the first place, and can leave you feeling scattered and stretched too thin.
  Manage important email by time.

"My emails are not receiving the responses I'm looking for."
I receive too many responses from people I've CC'd who just want to let me know that they've received and read the email, and sometimes I don't receive the response I want from the To: recipient, or I don't receive it when I wanted.
By helping to set clear expectations, Timyo provides clarity for the sender and recipient alike. As a recipient, you no longer worry that you might be missing something if you aren't checking your email constantly. As a sender, you can feel confident that recipients know exactly what you expect and when you expect it, yielding only the responses you want, and in the timeframe that you want them.
And with Timyo's Auto-Reminder, you don't have to mentally keep track of who you are expecting to hear back from. Auto-Reminder keeps track for you, and lets you know when a reply is overdue.

 Get reminder on pending replies
NB: The clarity that Timyo provides also helps save time. When a sender lets you know that an email only needs to be read, you don't spend time on a reply that he didn't even want...and he doesn't waste time reading a response that he didn't need.

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