How does Timyo transform Waste Of Time into Productivity?

"I receive too many emails."
By clearly setting expectations, Timyo helps people communicate more meaningfully and to consider what they really expect before sending an email. Timyo makes it easier to use email only when it matters, reducing clutter for the sender and recipient alike.
NB: As more senders in your network use Timyo, they will stop to think twice about whether you need to be CC'd and whether or not they need or want a reply from you. We can't guarantee that this means less email for you...but it does guarantee better email! (And, probably means less email, too.)

 Receive email already prioritized

"I spend too much time organizing (and reorganizing) my inbox (marking as unread, flagging, archiving, etc.)"
Timyo helps you focus on the 30% of email that really matters to you. Forget about trying to get to the mythical utopia known as “Inbox Zero”, wasting time dealing with 70% of emails you don't care about. With Timyo, there's no need to clean out your inbox at all. You can easily extract the email you care about by assigning your own action date, and it will instantly be added to your Timbox (Today and Later area in Timyo) , staying separate and easily retrievable along with the rest of your important emails.
  Manage important email by time

"I have to read an email, find it, and read it again."
Because managing your inbox is unwieldy (and because getting down to “Inbox Zero” is an impossible goal), you have to scroll through your inbox to find the email you're looking for. But currently you have to open every email to find out what is expected of you and when it is expected, and then to find it again, you mark it as unread. But even with this, the email will again get buried by the next 100 emails you receive before getting back to it. Timyo lets you see what an email is and when and how it needs to be dealt with, all without you opening it.

 Overview email through Calendar View
"I use my inbox as a “to-do” list, but I have to keep other lists for non-email tasks."
Before Timyo, “to-do” lists were a hassle. You could write yourself Post-It notes, but those quickly clutter your desktop (real or virtual). You could set times in an agenda, but that too can get confusing if you have multiple notes in one day. You could send yourself a reminder, but that just adds to the clutter in your inbox and wastes your time when you need to retrieve it. Finally, you could use a dedicated app like Evernote or Wonderlist, but this requires using a separate tool just for your agenda.
With Timyo, you can manage all of your to-do lists seamlessly and efficiently. You can set and change dates, mark items as finished, and share items through email, all in one place.
 Manage important email by time
"It's hard to keep track of when I'm expecting replies to my emails."
It's natural: we all feel that the emails we send are usually more important than the ones we receive. With Auto-Reminder, Timyo keeps track of your sent emails and lets you know when an expected reply is overdue.

 Get reminder on pending replies

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