How does Timyo reduce stress?

"I find myself checking my inbox constantly to make sure I don't miss anything important, even when I'm not at work."
Because inboxes are messy, with a constantly growing mix of important and non-important email, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and to compensate by incessantly checking and rechecking our inboxes to make sure we aren't missing anything important. Because Timyo helps you prioritize email by time, you don't have to repeatedly scour your inbox for emails with important deadlines attached. 
  Manage important emails by time

"I feel pressured to reply to email as soon as possible, especially if it comes from my manager."
Because of current emails' lack of clarity, an “always on” culture has become the norm. As soon as we receive an email, we feel compelled to reply immediately, even if that means interrupting other work or if the reply really could have waited, or benefited from further thought. More than anything, we are afraid that if we don't reply to an email immediately, it will get lost in the chaotic swirl of our inboxes, and we will forget all about it.
This lack of clarity creates stress all around, and mostly leads to poorer quality responses as well, adding to the clutter of nonessential email.
By bringing clarity to email, Timyo changes the game deeply. Senders let recipients know exactly what sort or response they are expecting and when they are expecting it, and emails are automatically sorted and prioritized by those expectations. Even email sent from non-Timyo users is easy to deal with on Timyo, as you can quickly add your own response time and it will go to your Timbox with the appropriate date in your calendar view.
 Send and receive email already prioritized by time
 Oversee email through Calendar view

"I don't always know what is expected from me, even after reading an email."
Setting clear expectations in email is tricky, because we are very careful to not come off as pushy or rude, and lack of clarity is often the result... “It would be great if you could”, “I'd love for it if,” “So go ahead and get back to me whenever you get a second”... We sacrifice clarity in the name of good manners, but sending unclear emails isn't doing anybody any favors (as we all know from having received them). Because Timyo has expectation functionality built-in, Timyo emails are clear and concise without being impolite or inappropriate. Timyo thus not only eases the stress of senders, who know that they were perfectly clear about their expectations without being rude, it also gives the gift or reduced stress to recipients, who don't have to worry about what is expected of them or when it is expected.

 Send and receive email with clear expectations

"After I send an email, I am anxious and uncertain while I wait for a reply."
Due to our “always on” expectations, we become stressed if we don't hear back about an email by the end of the day...even if we don't really need or even want a response for some time. “Did he receive my email?” “Does she care about what I'm asking?” “Does he disagree?”
Timyo ends that anxiety by letting you set expectations clearly and professionally, and Auto-Reminder keeps track of replies and will let you know if one is overdue. With Timyo, you can set it...and forget it. Because peace of mind is tough to beat.

 Get reminder on pending replies


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