The Magic of Timyo - Make the most of it

Timyo is an email app for teams.
Our mission is to make email better, to better serve you and your team.


Why are we overloaded by emails?

Well, because people send us a lot of emails, right?
And as recipients, we have to sort through each and every one to find out two main things:
  • Do I need to respond?
  • If so, do I need to respond immediately?

But someone already knows the answers to those questions: the sender.

Timyo lets the sender communicate clearly so that the recipient knows exactly what’s expected.
Let’s take a look at how it works.

1. Compose emails with clear expectations

Let's be honest, all emails are not created equal.

Some don't need an answer. Most of them can wait until tomorrow.

How It Works 

Timyo lets you say when you would like a response - ASAP, today, or at a specified future date - and what kind of response you’re looking for: a reply, just a read, or an action.


How The Recipient Feels

Your recipients will know exactly what you are looking for as soon as they see your email. 

If your recipients already have Timyo, they don't even need to open your email to know what you expect.
If you send your email to a non-Timyo user, Timyo automatically inserts a clear, simple, and polite message.

The Positive Effect

By simply deciding when you’d like a reply and letting the recipient know, you relieve your recipients of the burden of ASAP replies, while minimizing the time to process and prioritize your email.

And as the sender, you cut down on email overload by getting rid of unnecessary replies, receiving instead only the timely and relevant responses you need.

2. Schedule your email

Email should not be something we’re always doing.
Shifting between tasks kills our productivity. Even taking a minute to respond to an email pulls your focus and distracts you from everything else you’ve got going on.

Timyo makes it easier to batch your email.

How It Works

When you scan your inbox or read your emails, select one or multiple emails and assign the time that you'd like to deal with them: today, tomorrow or later.

The Positive Effect

Do we always batch emails? No, we aren’t perfect. But we understand the consequences of sporadically checking email throughout the day. But even if you only sometimes batch your emails, the benefits to your productivity will be clear.

Timyo helps you do just that. Just open your “today” folder and focus all at once on the emails that matter today.

3. Help end "notification hell"

Whereas email is meant to be delivered and left to be picked up by the recipients at their leisure, push notifications are designed to interrupt you the moment they’re sent. It becomes the ultimate distraction.
Most of the email apps offer you only one option: to activate the “do not disturb” mode and unplug the notifications for a moment.
With Timyo, you can decide to be notified only for important messages— the ones that need to be handled today, for example, or messages from the people on your VIP list.

How It Works

Go to the settings menu in the sidebar, select notifications and click Today or VIP.

The Positive Effect 

You‘ll only receive notifications when a high-priority message requires your immediate attention or action, helping you to avoid falling into the habit of checking your email hundreds of times a day, and freeing you up to focus on your non-email work longer.

4. Get emails done

Don’t leave emails float meaninglessly in your inbox, and subsequently, in your mind. It can be distracting and noisy, and it consumes valuable mental space.

How It Works 

Once you complete an email just swipe the message from your inbox to Done or use the Done button when you're through.

Timyo removes the message from your inbox and tags it as “done”.
The message will no longer be assigned to a specific date.
Done messages remain searchable from the search bar, and can also be found in the Done folder whenever you need to see them.

The Positive Effect 

Rather than marking a message as “unread” to remind yourself to deal with it, Done lets you quickly and easily clean out your inbox of the things you’ve already dealt with.
Suddenly, your inbox feels a whole lot more manageable.

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