Gmail Chrome extension permissions

Timyo's Chrome extension for Gmail requires the following permissions:

- Read and change all your data on websites you visit
- Display notifications
Why do we need these permissions if we're only adding time-based expectations to your email?

Because Timyo servers are responsible for managing the time dimension of your emails, we need to read and change certain data on Google mail servers in order to move emails with Timyo expectations between folders. For example, at midnight, all emails in Tomorrow's folder are automatically moved to Today's folder.

We also need this permission to automatically reload the Gmail tab after installing the Timyo extension so that Timyo's features are available to you as soon as the extension is installed.

Finally, this permission activates an API that allows communicating with Gmail tabs from a background script so we can refresh Timyo data while you are working in your mailbox.

Unfortunately, permission with a limited scope does not exist and we need to ask for these ones, even if we only use a very small part of them !

Timyo also requires the following permissions on your Google account:

- Read, send, delete and manage your emails
- Know who you are on Google

We need the Read access to retrieve a unique reference for each email (hashId) that we need to assign and change the label for each email (Past/Today/Later).

Google may send you an email to recap the same information, that's normal.

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