Security and privacy

Security is a major focus at Timyo and we store only a minimum amount of data in the cloud.
Timyo is bringing a new dimension to email communication, we collect and process email addresses and credentials to provide you the Service. Your email address is stored to deliver Timyo added value and to keep you informed about our latest news.This information is not share with any third party.

Timyo has no access to your email content and does not store any information related to the content of your emails. Timyo does not store any password and relies on limited-scope tokens for communication with an email provider (e.g., OAuth token for Gmail/Office365.)

Some user data is retained in Timyo's system during the lifetime of a user account. That user data is only related to time management; Timyo does not store any content of your emails.
  • User Profile
    • email address
    • email provider identity
    • access (or refresh) token
    • last date an email has been assigned to a specific date
    • last sate an email has been sent with time expectations
  • Device
    • Type of device and OS version
    • Push notifications options (enable, for all/VIP/Today emails, notification sound)
  • Letter (only for those with time expectations)
    • Email id (retrieved from email provider)
    • Expected action (Read/To-do/Reply)
    • Expected date (or ASAP)
    • Time zone
    • Date of last operation

Data is hosted on a cloud platform located in a highly secure Tier IV datacenter in France. 
Timyo is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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