How do I manage my email signatures?

On iOS app, Timyo adds by default a signature at the end of the email you send: “Sent with timyo to respect your time.”.

You can change it or remove it manually when you compose an email.


Please note: We don’t add any email signature in the Gmail extension. You keep your existing Gmail signature.


Can I disable the automatic Timyo signature?

The Timyo signature can be removed by going to Settings > Signatures > Tap on the signature you wish to edit. You can tap on the toggle button to select to not use along this signature with your emails sent from within the app.



Can I create multiple email signatures?

Timyo supports signatures on a per-account basis.
You can set different per-account email signatures on your iPhone.


Can I create or import rich HTML signature?

Timyo supports HTML signatures.

The easiest way to get an HTML signature into Timyo is to send yourself a blank email with your current HTML signature in it (for example, from Outlook or from Gmail).

Copy your signature text, then go to Settings > Signatures > tap on the account you want to add the signature to, then paste the HTML signature on the screen. Hit Save and you're all done!


Please note: Some styles may not copy over properly, so you may need to adjust your signature accordingly.

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