Does the person you're emailing need to install Timyo? 

No. You can compose emails to anyone like on any other email app.

If you send your email with a Timyo expectations to a non-Timyo user, Timyo automatically inserts a clear, simple, and polite message.

Timyo is great alone but even better with others!

If your recipients already have Timyo, they don't even need to open your email to know what you expect.
Your recipients will know exactly what you are looking for as soon as they see your email.  

Think about persons on your team your communicate with the most... and ask them for joining :)


How do I remove the expectation header?

When you write new emails, tap on the expectation icon in the upper right corner and select “None” as an expectation.

Timyo won’t insert any expectations header in that case.

You can decide anytime to write an email as you were used to do it with another email app.


How do I know if I am composing an email to a Timyo user?

At a glance, when you compose an email, you can see if your recipients have the app or not: we insert a Timyo logo for each contact who is a Timyo user.


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