How notification badges are working?

1. Notification badge on the home screen

A badge with a number appears on the upper-right of Timyo app's icon on the home screen.
By default, it tells you how many unread emails you have in your inbox.

Note: If you have connected different email accounts, Timyo badge indicates the sum of the unread emails across all your accounts.


How can I make badges on the home screen show only emails for today?

The badge setting can be changed in the app by going to Settings > Badge Count > Tap on “Mail for Today”.
The badge will indicate how many unread emails you have in your “Today” mailbox across all your accounts connected to Timyo.


Note: New incoming emails which are not timed by the sender to “Today” are not counted.

How can I disable the Unread Badge Notification?

On your Device, head to System Preferences > Notifications and scroll down until you see the Timyo app listed. 
If you’d like to keep certain types of notifications enabled and just want to disable the badge notification, you can tap on the toggle button “Badge App Icon”.


Once you’ve made the changes to disable Timyo’s badge notifications, all you have to do is return to the home screen. The new setting will be implemented immediately and you’ll see only a clean Timyo icon without any badges, regardless of how many unread messages are waiting for you.

Note: the settings described here only affect the home screen icon notifications. You’ll still be able to see how many unread messages are in your inbox when you open the Timyo app.

Can I set different notification badge settings on 2 different email accounts?

It is not possible to set the unread mail badge icon to work for only one specific account.


2. In-App Indicators

In the Timyo app, you have 3 indicators that will give you at a glance:
  • How many new emails are in your inbox
  • How many unread emails are in your “Today” mailbox
  • How many unread emails are in your “Later” mailbox

In the example above, you have:
  • 2 new emails in your inbox
  • 3 unread emails in your “Today” mailbox
  • 1 unread emails in your “Later” mailbox
When you receive an ASAP email, a warning sign is used to make you aware that an email requires your immediate attention.

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