How to compose a Timyo message (Gmail plugin for Chrome).

You can watch our video guide or follow the step-by-step procedure below to discover how to send emails with Timyo.

  1. Click on "Compose" and compose your email as you would normally do.
  2. Click on "When" to open Timyo's window and define a date and an expectation.
  3. Pick your expectation: you can choose between Reply, To-do and Read (know more about expectations).
  4. Pick your date: you have easy access dates such as ASAP, today, tomorrow but you can also choose "Pick date" to pick a specific date on the calendar. 
  5. Choose the notification tone to adapt it to the receiver, it will change the message displayed at the top of the email. 
  6. You can also add an emoji to enlighten the mood =) 
  7. Your email is ready to send! 
  8. Whether the recipient has Timyo or not he will see your notification at the top of the email with the expectation and the date you have chosen. 

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