When swiping an email, what does Done mean?

The "Done" function allows you to move an email into the "Done" folder which is automatically created by Timyo. 

Done allows you to unpin the date and the expectation assigned to the email and sort it by removing it from your inbox. With Done, you can keep your inbox clean and manage pending emails with real priorities. 

Unlike "Archive" or "Delete", "Done" does not compress nor delete the email. "Done" messages all appear within the Done folder, located within the More screen. They will disappear from your Inbox view but remain searchable from all search tools.

On Gmail, you can access the "Done" folder by clicking on the small arrow next to Timyo. You can put an email in the "Done" folder using multiselection.

On iOS you can mark an email as done by using Short swipe/Long swipe.
You can access the "Done" folder by clicking on the three traits icon in the upper right corner. 

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