How to schedule an email for later with Timyo (Using the Chrome extension for Gmail).

You can watch our video guide or follow the step-by-step procedure below to discover how to schedule an email with Timyo.

Schedule a single mail.

  1. Open your mailbox and make sure you have installed Timyo.
  2. To schedule an email for today, you just have to click on the little sun. If the sun is yellow, it means the email is scheduled for today. 
  3. If you want to schedule an email for later you can hover the cup of tea next to the sun. A window will open and you can pick the date manually. 
  4. You can also pick a date using the suggestions or by clicking the cup of tea to schedule it for tomorrow. The date will automatically be updated (if the cup is green, the email is scheduled for later). 

Schedule several emails

  1. Select all the emails you want to schedule. 
  2. Click on "Assign" and pick the date you want to schedule. Your emails will all be scheduled at the same date. 
  3. You can access your scheduled emails thanks to the icons at the top of your mailbox. "Today" will allow you to access emails you have to deal with for today, "Later" emails scheduled in the following days and "More" will give you access to "past emails", "expected replies" and "Done" folder.

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