Why should I assign actions like To-do, Read, or Reply to my emails?

Let's face it, people are much better at communicating and interpreting intent in person than via email. Have you ever wondered how you were supposed to treat an ambiguous email sent to you - or wondered why your emails are not getting the response you think they should?  

With Timyo we want to clarify the sender's intent so everyone in the chain benefits. An email can be treated in 3 different ways: a task (To do), a simple read (Read), or a required response (Reply).

When you write an email someone, you already know what you are expecting from the receiver but sometime forget to be explicit about it. We've created a simple two-click mechanism so your receiver never has to guess what your expectation is again.

Some examples:

You share an interesting article to your team: Because the email is not urgent, you can indicate "Please Read by next Friday".

You ask a colleague for feedback on a new feature in development: It's not urgent but the request is time-sensitive so I'm going to request "A reply for Tomorrow". If I want to notify other team members directly linked to the project, I can put them in CC indicating they only need to "Read" the email.

You would like a indicate to a colleague that you need her to prepare a document by the end of the day. In this case, by indicating that the email is a "To do by Today" they are crystal clear about your expectations. 


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