Why scheduling emails with Timyo is different than the standard snooze feature.

Why using Timyo's scheduling features are not the same as snooze
When you swipe an email in Timyo to assign it a date you don't exactly snooze it the same way other email apps work. The main difference is that with Timyo, the message doesn't actually leave your inbox but rather it remains along with a clear timestamp of your designation. It also appears in your dedicated "today" or "later" inbox for easy review. There are reasons why this is better for your daily work habits.

Traditional snooze features
With traditional snooze functionality, emails are temporarily removed from your inbox until the date you have chosen. You can generally see all your snoozed emails under a snoozed folder but there's little sense for what needs to be accomplished today vs emails that can be dealt with later.

Timyo scheduling
With Timyo, emails assigned with time are not removed from your inbox because once you assign a time, you have clear visibility of what emails need to be addressed today and what can wait until later. Additionally you can quickly see all "today" or "later" emails in their respective folder. For example: if you assign an email to tomorrow, it can be seen in your "later" folder up until the next day, when it will move to your "today" tab automatically.
Why Timyo is better than traditional snooze
When you snooze an email, you have not addressed it but merely postponed when a new incoming message will be generated in your inbox. Timyo allows you to timestamp an email so you can see at a glance what needs to be accomplished both today and later at the right moment for you. 

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