Outlook Addin Release Notes

November 2018 (version 1.10)

Compose experience

The "when" field popup has been reviewed so it's only 2 clicks to fulfill the key fields. 

"No response" becomes "Information" and "Response" becomes "Question".

Then you can easily customize the expectation header by:

  • adding an emoji
  • changing the language 
  • selecting the appropriate Timyo header

Feedback signature

Embed survey to capture feedback on your emails sent with Timyo to know if your recipients like it.


This signature can be customized by enterprise domain name

You'll receive an email with the feedback left by your recipients.

Notifications for "ASAP" email only

A new Timyo setting allows you to be interrupted in your work only when an email requests your immediate attention.


Setting per domain name

Restore email asynchronicity by default in your team. 
When you write an internal email, Timyo can automatically add an expectation in your email so you can reduce the stress of your team, limit the interruptions due to emails and protect the focus of your teammates.

Sent an email to support@timyo.com to enable this feature.

September 2018 (version 1.9.1)

Right to disconnect

Enterprise Feature - Out of standard working hours, educate the sender of an email to respect the work-life balance of the recipient.

New expectation header

New expectation header styles to better fit the context of your email.


August 2018

Unschedule email

Now you can unschedule one or several emails from the Timyo panel or with a right click.

Distinguish email for tomorrow or for later

The green calendar icon is a bit different for an email for tomorrow and an email for later.

For the users who are not using Outlook with the preview pane, now you can see the assigned date with a right click.

June 2018

Offline mode

Now Timyo Add-in works in offline mode.

Expected replies

Because you send email with clear expectations, Timyo lets you know when a reply is pending or overdue.

Choice "No date"

Now you can select Timyo expectation with "no date" associated.

Accessibility for everyone

We have slightly modified our set of icons to make the solution accessible for colorblind people.

May 2018

Performance & stability enhancements

Timyo add-in no longer duplicates emails saving your mailbox quota, eliminating crashes, and providing an overall faster experience when you prioritize emails or receive emails with expectations.

Streamlined flat design

We introduce a single calendar icon instead of using three (replacing the sun, the cup and the hourglass). This approach offers a cleaner, more intuitive experience.

Indicators for emails are prioritized for today and later

ASAP icon: identifies emails requiring immediate attention

Mailing list support

Timyo now supports mailing lists, allowing you to see the right time indicator (today, later....) when you receive an email addressed to a mailing list and composed with a Timyo expectation.

Removal of the "Done" button

The "Done" button has been removed and replaced with standard "archive", "delete" or "move to" actions to clean out your inbox.

Introducing onboarding video

When first installing Timyo, a 1 min tutorial is presented allowing anyone in the enterprise to quickly get up to speed on the basic principles behind using Timyo.
Getting Started with Tutorial Video

March 2018

New compose experience

  • Highlighting when a response is not needed using a "No response" categorization. No Response Necessary (NRN) is widely accepted terminology that helps eliminate unnecessary replies that quickly clog up everyone’s inbox. “No response” replaces the "Read" category.

  • Many of you thought assigning a specific date was too restrictive so we introduced softer timelines such as "within a week", "within 2 weeks", and "within a month".

  • Brackets [ ] are now used around Timyo expectations: This is designed to help recipients unfamiliar with Timyo differentiate expectations as content not part of the body of the email.

  • Finally, we are introducing 3 new expectation header styles with emoji support to best fit the context of your email (they will replace the old ones).


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