Chrome Extension Release Notes

December 2018

Follow-up if no reply

When you send an email with Timyo indicating that you would like an answer, Timyo allows you to track this request.

The tab "Waiting" allows you to display all your emails sent with a request for response and remained without reply.

As soon as you receive an answer on the email, it disappears from the "Waiting" tab. So you only have "useful" information in this tab.

A red badge appears to notify you that one or more of your emails have not received a response in the expected timeframe. This allows you to follow-up with your contacts if necessary.

If your recipient has given you an answer orally or via another email (or has changed the subject for example), you can mark this email as replied by clicking on the colored arrow. This arrow also allows you to change the expected reply date.

October 2018

Show Labels for “CC” messages

This setting will add a gray CC icon to your email, letting you know whether the message was sent directly to you, or whether you were simply copied on it.

Notification for ASAP

Notifications for "ASAP" email only: be interrupted in your work only when an email requests your immediate attention.

September 2018

Unschedule email

Now you can unschedule one or several emails from the Timyo calendar button.

New expectation header

We introduce new Timyo expectation header styles to better fit the context of your email. 


Right to disconnect

Enterprise Feature - Out of standard working hours, educate the sender of an email to respect the work-life balance of the recipient. 

Performance improvements

Improvement to display Timyo icons faster & bug fixing.

July 2018

Timyo Badges

Now, you can be aware of the number of unread emails in your today, later or past views.

Change the Timyo expectation

While composing an email, you can select the Timyo header that best suits to your email in one click.

Actions and CC icons

Before opening an email, you know if you're in CC or not and what actions is expected from you (no response necessary, reply expected, action expected).

Gmail performance

For some users, Timyo extension could slow down the general Gmail or Chrome performance. We've fixed it.

June 2018

Choice "No Date"

Now you can select Timyo expectation with "no date" associated.

Accessibility for everyone

We have slightly modified our set of icons to make the solution accessible for colorblind people.

Bug fixing

The extension could automatically be disabled or Timyo buttons were not displayed.

May 2018

Streamlined flat design

We introduce a single calendar icon instead of using two (replacing the sun and the cup). This approach offers a cleaner, more intuitive experience.

A new ASAP icon is introduced so you know at a glance which emails require immediate attention.

The Timyo tab menu has also been updated making it easy to identify emails requiring attention today. 


A colored dot means you have unread activity in your Today inbox. When the dot disappears, it means you have read all email expected for Today.


Removal of the "Done" button

We've removed the "Done" button. Use the standard "archive", "delete" or "move to" actions to clean out your inbox.

Note: deleting or archiving an email will remove it from your today, later or past inbox.

March 2018

Email Tip of the day

We introduce one email tip a day to help you make the most out of Timyo. These tips can be disabled at anytime.

Advanced "Settings" menu

The advanced settings menu provides new functionality:
  • Enable/disable alert message if "When" field is empty.
  • Enable/disable an interactive Timyo signature to help explain Timyo to recipients.

January 2018

New compose experience

  • Highlighting when a response is not needed using a "No response" categorization. No Response Necessary (NRN) is widely accepted terminology that helps eliminate unnecessary replies that quickly clog up everyone’s inbox. “No response” will replace the "Read" category.Inline image 1
  • Many of you thought assigning a specific date was too restrictive so we introduced softer timelines such as "within a week", "within 2 weeks", and "within a month".

  • Brackets [ ] are now used around all Timyo expectations: This is designed to help recipients unfamiliar with Timyo expectations to differentiate this content from the body of the email.

  • Finally, we are introducing 3 new expectation header styles to best fit the context of your email (they will replace the old ones).


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