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Timyo link in sent emails from chrome plugin

Jeremy Koenig — Sep 12, 2016 01:58PM UTC

can you remove the link that accompanies the "send by Timyo" action. I'd prefer not to do this manually every time.


PS love the app so far.

1 Community Answers

Thibaud Arend - Sep 12, 2016 at 06:43PM UTC

Timyo Agent

Hi Jeremy,

I’m not exactly sure which link you are referring to. Do you mean the link from the “expectation image” that is sent along with with your email? If so, that is just a way that we can un-obtrusively spread the word of Timyo. A recipient may wonder “what is this?” and by having the link back to our “learn more” screen, it can provide them with clarity.

If that is the link that you are referring to, then I’m sorry, but it cannot be “unlinked” for now.

If you are referring the link that is sent along from within the app (when composing an email in the app,) then that can be removed by going to Settings > Signatures > Tap on the signature you wish to edit. You can then select to not send along this link with your emails sent from within the app.

Hope that helps! If it’s not either of those cases, can you please be a little more specific?

We’re glad you love the app and appreciate any further feedback or questions you may have.

Randy Osborn
Chief Product Officer

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